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I invest the time to listen and observe before I pick up the camera and work together with my clients to give their audience a great watch.

Your Story

I may be more fascinated with your story than you are. Clients tell me they learn more about themselves through the process. That’s because I am truly interested in what you do and who you are. I look for what’s behind the words for character and commitment. I believe that you may have competitors for what you do, but you have no competitors for who you are.

The Process

Most projects are interview-based, edited together to a seamless and compelling narrative. My clients tell me I am uniquely skilled at making people comfortable and candid in front of the camera. That makes it easy for the audience to "feel" the speakers, who they are and what matters most to them. I ask great questions to help draw people out and probe into the heart of a thing.

The Impact

Great video that raises the funds, shares the values, increases the awareness, does the educating or whatever you need to accomplish. The end-product will be focused and uncluttered by too much information. It will access the tremendous power of video to reach and influence people.

Recent Customers:

Here is an animated short recently produced for Arrants McSwain:

Celia King from Arrants McSwain talks about the process:

Video Production Examples
Out of the Shadows
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