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About Me.

I bring you skills honed over decades of storytelling. Live storytelling via Theater in Directing, and Design; storytelling through stills as a Commercial Photographer/studio owner; my present work as writer and producer of video.

All that experience equips me with the disciplines that creativity requires, and collaboration demands—the ability to balance the practical and to ask great questions until the best possible answers emerge. I am fascinated with unearthing what’s real and authentic, and then making it plain so others can feel it too.

Helping companies and individuals “speak” their message through the video medium, to "shine bright" as one client says, gives me great satisfaction. My clients become more creative and strategic, engaging their audiences with storytelling that conveys the heart of their brand whenever they need to.

In my process, I use the 5 Whys ( or 6 or 7 or 8 ) combined with simplified elements of good storytelling. These tools solve story problems, sort details that fit or distract from what you mean to say, give birth to other stories and amplify your fresh voice. Together we will conquer the MEH so often found in video!