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You can view some of my work here and learn about the wonderful people I have worked with over time! For them, and for you, I'm committed to finding a fresh voice; original and engaging videos that convey heart.

This one won a Telly!

The writing objective? Make a distant and impersonal industry approachable. So I did! And also made it adorable. The actor is the owners son. His dad is the voice over AND you'll see his mom and grandma in it as well!


Millennium Fund for Children

Recycle Medina County



Quest Financial


Nick Chubb
My most famousest subject ever! The wonderful & kind pro football running back Mr. Nick Chubb. The client Van's Tires allowed me to be funny and at their expense, as you'll see. This was delightful to work on, an absolute honor to direct Mr. Chubb. Yes, I still have a bit of a crush.
Out of the Shadows
Private funders said to me “The story of the birthmom in adoption needs to be told.” I set out to do that, and had my preconceptions blown away. Viewers have the same experience. I reached out to the online community of birth moms to could contribute their stories anonymously. Their quotes were woven throughout the film, expanding the story and pointing to a darker history in adoption. I commissioned an artist and adoptee to paint her feelings about adoption. She calls the painting of an adoptees family tree, the Puzzle Tree.
For Their Service
To honor and give voice to local veterans, especially two who served in WWII the Portage County Regional Transit Authority produced this cameo video. We assembled the words, feelings and sentiments of those gentlemen, a female veteran and two other men who served, one who was the creator of the sculpture in downtown Kent.
From the Chest
This short film is about politics, family and a child’s attempt to remedy the divisions. I had a backer for this film, hired John Pope to shoot which he did beautifully. The story and production have flaws. I own them all. I chose to have no dialogue, (one exception) so that the visuals would remain symbolic – representing abstract ideas that words can often diminish.
A Trampoline
I heard the story of a young child who approached a neighbor who had a trampoline. He wanted to jump on the trampoline. “Would that be ok?”. He was sent home to ask his mother and never returned. Haunted, I needed to explore that story, flesh it out and give some resolution. This was my first film and to my astonishment was included at the Cleveland International Film Festival that year.
First Glance
This exceptional organization, chock full of staff so passionate about youth that many moved to the area in order to commit fully to Kenmore Ohio; a community that was dying. FIRST GLANCE formed a beachhead there. Now the town enjoys an economic revival, full of culture and pride.