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Did you know that great posing starts with the feet? If a person is comfortable everything else falls into place. The easiest place to lose one’s calm is in front of a camera.

Your Picture

I like to keep it real and simple, providing a photo full of life and full of information, that tells a story the way only a still photo can. I prefer to photograph headshots, casual groups or individuals in a work setting. I can photograph products, works of art, food and cool spaces. All photography happens at your location using primarily ambient light.

Your Experience

I have a knack for making this easy and even fun. I care about the overall experience as well as the result. I have photographed 100’s of people, maybe even 1000’s over the years. Each one had a unique story and character. I try to bring that forward in the image. Be ready to take some time to relax and talk with me before I pick up the camera.

Your Story

Don’t worry if your eyes squint shut when you smile, or you think your teeth look funny. We are so hard on ourselves. At this time in history people are yearning for real and authentic. That’s my focus (pun intended) in any work I do. Life is short, let’s celebrate our unique features. Please don’t call if you are trying to create an image or if you don’t like to have fun.