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Learning to produce your own video will free you from depending on anyone else, keep your messaging flexible and able to respond quickly to changes in your business/industry. Everyone can learn to “speak” video. You must be eager to learn and ready to practice.

Your Message

You know your client, the challenges they face and how you can help. I provide tools to help you sort out and refine your ideas. The end goal of this process is to produce effective video but you’ll end up doing some branding along the way.

Your Camera

You probably won’t need to buy anything but after you catch onto the enormous potential in producing your own videos you might want to invest in some. I can advise on affordable and quality purchases based on your needs. I teach sustainable workflow systems for all your projects, whether you are doing your own editing or not.

The Process

A Listening Meeting: You tell me your goals and needs. I listen and ask questions. The Plan: Together we brainstorm a customized strategy for your organization. Guided Implementation: You implement the plan. I guide and advise through every step. Soon you’ll get so good at this you won’t need my help at all!

Here are some of the companies that I have helped to "speak" video!

Chrissy Myers is CEO of AUI. This is her testimonial about the process:

Video Consultation Examples
Tim Mann, Counselor
Liz Hand, Financial Advisor